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Squealers Influence on the Outcome of Animal Farm by...

To what extent does Squealer influence the outcome of the revolution in Animal Farm? â€Å"A lie that is half-truth is the darkest of all lies†, this quote by the poet Alfred Tennyson was supremely important to relate to the role of Squealer in Animal Farm. Squealer was the an allegorical figure who spreads all of Napoleon’s propaganda, including using demonstrations, which was parallel to Pravda, the official newspaper of Soviet Union. In Animal Farm, Squealer was known for his friendly, disarming charm. He used strategies to manipulate emotions of animals, to articulate Napoleon’s policies and reconciled on two levels: to maintain a unity between the rest of the animals and the pigs, and also to explain there is no contradiction between the original seven commandments and the subsequent amendments made by the pigs. In chapter five, the animal’s windmill had been destroyed overnight. Squealer convinced the animals that Snowball was a criminal and also a traitor, by using propaganda. He used propaganda to spread what happened and claimed that apart from Snowball, no one else would have wanted to tear down the windmill. In addition, he was able to use Boxer’s weakness; his quote â€Å"Napoleon is always right† to win the hearts and minds of the animals. Squealer worked closely with Napoleon since he was the animal in charge. As a result, most of the animals obeyed his ruling. He also created a sense of fear through the dogs, making the animals have a sense of uncompromisingShow MoreRelatedGeorge Orwell s Animal Farm1255 Words   |  6 Pagesitself; George Orwell’s Animal Farm follows the rise of Animalism which serves as an allegorical reflection of the 1917 Russian revolution that led into the Stalinist era. Many revolutions throughout history follow the same path as the newly installed government always become indistinguishable from those who ruled before them. The reasons exhibited in the novel are the distortion of revolutionary ideas, the abuse of language to manipulate the naà ¯ve working class and the corrupting influence of powerRead MorePower of Peer Pressure Essay683 Words   |  3 Pages Peer pressure can be used in many ways. Animal Farm is an allegory by George Orwell. It is about farm animals that weren’t satisfied of how their farm is run so they rebel. They make 7 commandments being â€Å"All animals are equal† the most important one. The book shows how total equality is hard to achieve and power corrupts. The novel uses peer pressure to control and manipulate what is happening on the farm. It is evident on how the action of the animals changes. It is evident on how Boxer’s wayRead MoreAnimal Farm/V for Vendetta2476 Words   |  10 PagesVendetta - Animal Farm In many great texts concerning the politics, it can be observed that the context in which the piece was created greatly influences the ways in which values and themes are presented and the form in which it is produced. Major ground shaking events have the power to transform paradigms of individuals and whole societies, and in turn morph and influence the themes a text created in the same time period implores. Warner Brothers 2005 film V for Vendetta and George Orwells 1945Read MoreAnimal Farm, by George Orwell2347 Words   |  10 PagesAnimal Farm is a novel about the pigs leading a rebellion, overthrowing their farmer, and then taking control of the farm. The setting of the story is Manor Farm in England with Mr. Jones, the farmer. The main characters include Old Major, Snowball, and Napoleon. Each of these pigs helped to lead the animals into rebellion. Major was the initial one to start the movement and the other two were the main leaders that carried it on after he passed away. When the animals became tired of Mr. Jones’s

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