Thursday, October 17, 2019

Nursing ethics Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Nursing ethics - Term Paper Example However, the nurses cannot act in accordance with the demands made by the patients; on the contrary, they have to act according to their professional and ethical code for the complete and fast convalescence of the patients. The Paper The patients suffering from different diseases require urgent and intensive care in order to get relieved from the pain they are undergoing. However, sometimes it so happens that the treatment procedure is quite painful and somewhat awkward for the patient, where he is not ready to act upon the advice of the medical advisor. At such precarious state of affairs the nurses have to keep their professional obligation in mind in order to tackle the patient without creating too much annoyance for him. The same situation was created with an old patient, who was admitted at the hospital for the surgery of his leg. Being a pensioner, and the only source of income for the entire family as well, the patient maintained serious reservations regarding the expenditures being made on him. He requested repeatedly to the hospital staff to operate him as soon as possible so that he could escape from the extra expenditures and daily rent of the room he had hired at the hospital. However, being a chronic diabetic and heart patient as well, the doctors spent many days in controlling his sugar level in the blood. It seriously told upon the weak nerves of the patient, and he grew very weak and feeble by the time the operation was due. The nurses did not inform him regarding the room charges and service charges, as well as the fee being deducted from the patient’s deposit on every visit of the diabetes and heart specialists. The medical staff inserted artificial hip joint in the left leg of the patient, amount of which was really shocking for the patient. The doctors presented the charges bill the next day after the operation, and the patient was startled to look at the bill he had to pay for his two weeks long admission at the hospital. Consequentl y, he got a serious heart attack, and thus lost his life at the hospital. Had doctors not wasted two weeks in sugar control procedure, the life of the patient could have been saved. Though the medical staff does not escape its duties; rather, since the sugar control process is made keeping in view the health condition of the patient, the doctors took a fortnight time in the process, which was strictly beyond the capacity of the patient. Here appear the following ethical issues: Whether or not the serious diabetic should be recommended surgery at the age of seventy years Whether or not should the doctors have wasted fourteen days for controlling the blood sugar level Whether or not the bill should be presented to the patient on the very next day of the operation was conducted Should the doctors not have discounted the bill looking at the poor financial condition of the patient? It is true that the patient had been suffering from severe pain in his leg, and sought the help of the medi cal and nursing staff for the same. Somehow, the medical staff must have looked into his financial and physical position in order to save his life. Ethical values do not allow the professionals to give any harm to the patients, and thus escaping every possibility that may pave the way towards the increase in the severity of his ailment. Thus, the nurses have to take some unpleasant decisions for the best interest of the patient and his family. Ethical

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