Thursday, February 20, 2020

Pros and Cons of a Person With a Mental Illness as a US President Essay

Pros and Cons of a Person With a Mental Illness as a US President - Essay Example Some mental disorders have symptoms which may negatively affect not only the patient him or herself but also the other people around which is classified as a violation of one’s freedom and certain right in every individual case. Delusions of the President would negatively affect his decisions making: the decision made in a condition of delusion would be characterized by nonsense, for example, to close all the universities or increase the taxes by 1000 times. Obviously, these ideas are not realistic, but the person with a mental illness would not react to such statements and would go on reckoning that only he or she is right. Hallucinations are also negative things for the person acting as a US President: for example, some decision may be taken properly, but it may turn out to be that the patient with a mental disorder has taken advice from a phantom, not from a real person, and revealing this fact would create concern among the public. Disorganized behavior is also a symptom which makes a person unpredictable: for example, today the President feels excited and makes good presents and treats the people around good, but tomorrow he or she may become very aggressive and apply the behavior model which is not proper for a country leader. Taking the above said into consideration, it is possible to state that there are more cons than pros in the possibility of a mentally ill person becoming the US President, and they all concern the way the other people may be affected by a person subjected to a certain mental illness.

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